Choosing the right company for your security is as challenging as it is important. When you decide to hire a security company for your site or company office, or even for the security of your house, it’s important that you also know what to look for in a vendor company before contracting with them. Of course you would not want your money to go in vain along with your peace of mind. This article will guide you through your journey of selecting your security guard vendor or a security company that will help you to choose the right one for your security needs.

To start with, you need to set your priorities before you go out looking for one in the market. You need to have full knowledge of your requirement and that will make things easier for you when you have to make a choice among the best companies you find.

So let’s go over the seven points I have selected for you to bring down your quest of hiring a security guard company.

1. A UK Based Company vs A Local One:

Local security companies are usually preferred over the national ones owing to the fact that national companies are busier as compared to a company having a rather smaller setup. Consequently, if you need to access the performance of the guards on duty or have any other inquiry regarding your security you can easily reach out to more responsible authorities. Also, their familiarity with the routes of your area is more and in need of an emergency they can handle the situation in less response time than a company which seems bigger but is not that aware of your locality, saving you ending up in frustration and loss.

All national companies, however, do not work in the same way. At Syndicate Alpha we make sure to hire staff from their own locality thus have all the advantages of a local company as well as wide experience of starting from London to covering all of the UK. This gives you additional advantage over any other company that works in a smaller setup and is also going through the initial difficulties of settlement.

2. Experience:

A company that has years of experience is more likely to perform their tasks flawlessly. Find out if they can show you something as their experience working with the same company as yours. They will also provide you with their contacts if you ask them. To verify, you can contact those companies that have already hired their services to further satisfy your queries. Moreover, you can also search online for their performance. There are certain reliable websites that can give you a clear picture about the performance of the security companies.

The more a company is experienced, the more it has established contacts with local authorities. Moreover, their knowledge of the area they cover is extensive and may already have measures for emergency situations.

3. Cost effectiveness

Services rates are something that always seem very attractive if they are low. This can be a very tricky scenario when you find out companies offering very low rates compared to others. You have to act wise keeping in mind that your priority is quality. I would suggest you look for companies that offer competitive rates. Going for a vendor simply by seeing low rates can cost you more when the services they provide won’t satisfy you in the end.

4. Technology:

Today is the world of technology and companies that are technically advanced, can cater to your needs in a better and a more organized manner. Same is true for security companies. If the vendor is up to date with the latest technologies they can utilize it for the betterment of their services. For example, while doing surveillance, use of the latest technology allows the management to be in touch with the security guards and can check their performance and assist them during emergencies. Making use of technology is not only helpful in taking care of the environment but also necessary to measure better the security operations.

5. Training:

You need to know that the security company you are hiring from has their guards fully trained. Not only this but the training sessions should not halt after the initial training. Trained guards will always prove efficient in time of need by taking immediate action like calling for backup security in time.

More professional companies hold seminars and training sessions for their guards to keep them updated on latest security techniques. These meetings can be held with regular intervals. For that the companies themselves will provide you with all the relevant information in order to satisfy you with their performance.You can find this out by asking for the training schedules from the company you choose for your security.

6. Uniformed security Guards:

Companies that offer uniformed security guards according to the task assigned are the ones which are more experienced and are more serious in performing their duties. Uniformed security guards can also prove deterrent for people who are upto mysterious activities.

Not only should they be uniformed but they also should be properly equipped with the necessary security materials such as flash lights, keys and communications equipment. Additional equipment like weapons should be carried only if they have the license for it.

7. Response Rate:

While you are doing all the above mentioned efforts just keep in your mind how your experience of all this went with each company. You can evaluate their responses to your queries. This will also help you in deciding your final vendor. Always remember if you are confused about some company’s performance, that means you should unmark it from your list. So when you’re finalsing from your list, their responses will tell you a lot about their level of work. More professional companies are more systematic about answering customers queries by giving them support both online and through phone.

To conclude let me add for you to make sure that the company is licensed to provide the services they claim. This can be verified by checking the certified copies of the licences.

Always remember hiring the right company holds significant importance for you. If you are hiring for your business, bad performance can end up in bad reputation of your business. If you are hiring privately you don’t afford theft and loss. So making efforts to opt for the right security will not go in vain.