The employees of any organization are an integral resource as they help the businesses achieve their set targets. It is vital to keep your employees motivated as well as satisfied in order to ensure they are comfortable working for you and are delivering you optimal results for success. According to Herzberg’s Two-factor Theory, there are hygiene factors also known as dissatisfiers when these are not taken care of, it will result in a decline of motivation levels of the workforce. One of the factors of Herzberg’s theory is security, if your organization does not consider security as an important factor, it will cause dissatisfaction amongst employees resulting in lack of motivation. Even in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (a theory related to motivation); security is an important need for employees.

Overall, we learn that security is an essential for an organization to take care of to make sure their employees are not dissatisfied and their productivity does not come to a cost.

When it comes to security, an organization should ensure they have taken appropriate steps to cover ever aspect. When employees are working in an office, there could be minor workplace conflicts that could turn into major issues if they are not handled appropriately such as, many companies may face racial, religion or sexual harassment issues which should be reported however, employees feel embarrassed to come forward. In this situation, a security professional working with the organization can be a better person to turn towards who can effectively handle the situation by reporting to the right authorities. A security guard is a much better person to consult with to ensure that there are no conflicts that may result in workplace disturbance. With a rightful personnel present, it is unlikely for this issue to prolong or maybe even happen in the first place.

Offices are at a threat to have unauthorized personnel or thieves accessing the premises which could result in a great loss for the company itself. It could be a way to steal company information, a harm to their privacy, and also there may be costs incurred if any expensive equipment is stolen. With a security guard present around the clock, it is unlikely for an incident to occur as efficient security will act as a deterrent and with a fear of being caught a person may avoid accessing the office building.

Furthermore, it should be noted that larger office spaces usually consist of open parking spaces for employees that only have cameras monitoring which may not be an effective solution incase if anyone tries to cause any harm to the owners’ vehicles. Risks can only be mitigated properly if proper measures are already in place thus a security guard on site can be an active, responsible person who can monitor as well as take appropriate action in case any actual harm may prevail.

The important part to be aware of is that companies should not take security matters lightly and consider it as an essential need which should be fulfilled. With the workplace being safe and secure with no harm coming to employees or their belongings, it keeps away dissatisfaction and any chance of motivation levels declining that ensures a productive output.

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