Syndicate Alpha

A Trusted & Reliable Security Company in London

Syndicate Alpha is a leading provider of vigilant, reliable, and cost-effective security services to diversified customers across the United Kingdom. We pride ourselves on having a team of well-trained and licensed security officers who give us a competitive edge on other London security companies by delivering international standard and tailor-made security solutions. Syndicate Alpha is one of the trusted security companies in London authorized for the provision of a wide range of security services including Manned Security, Event Security, Retail Security, Residential Security, Corporate Security, Construction Security, CCTV Monitoring, Concierge Security, and Key Holding Services.


Cost Efficient




15 Years’ Experience


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What Makes Us a Trusted Security Company London?

Fully Trained Security Officers

Our highly vetted and SIA-licensed security officers are capable of effectively handling security emergencies and negating all kinds of security threats..

Impeccable Customer Service

We ensure an impeccable customer service through our 24/7 control room where our representatives respond to your queries round-the-clock.

Trusted and Reliable

Our hard working and dedicated security professionals provide highly vigilant and reliable security solutions according to international standards.

One of the Best Security Companies in London 

Being one of the trusted security companies in London, Syndicate Alpha offers high-class security solutions catered to the wide security needs of both commercial and non-commercial clients. We strive hard and work tirelessly to ensure your safety and protect your premises from all kinds of security challenges. Unlike other security guard companies, we have a dedicated team of fully trained and licensed security officers who possess comprehensive knowledge of modern security equipment and advanced surveillance techniques. The ultimate goal of Syndicate Alpha is to provide a level of security service that exceeds your expectations and gives your peace of mind. Your trust in our services makes us the best security company in London.

One of the Leading London Security Companies

Our Services

Being one of the trusted security companies in London, we offer a wide range of security services across the UK.

Manned Security

Retail Security

CCTV Monitoring Service

Residential Security

Event Security

Key Holding Services

Corporate Security

Construction Site Security

Concierge Security


How quickly can you provide me with a security guard?

Depending on the area where we operate, we can provide you with skilled security guards in 24-48 hours.

Are your security guards uniformed?

Yes, to build our image as one of the highly recognized London security companies, we provide both uniformed and non-uniformed security guards according to site duties and client preference. Our security officers wear a standard police officer uniform or a soft-looking blazer and tie uniform.

Do you perform any background checks before hiring security staff?

Yes, we conduct a thorough internal investigation before hiring security staff. The scrutiny process includes personal references, applicant’s criminal background, and criminal history fingerprint checks. Our vetting process makes us one of the best security companies UK.

Can you help me identify the security vulnerabilities at my property?

Yes, we conduct free security risk assessments to thoroughly investigate your security situation, highlight vulnerabilities, and provide a detailed explanation of areas that need your attention for extended protection.

How are your security guards superior to other security companies UK?

Backed by over 15 years of experience in the security industry, our fully trained and vetted security guards use the latest surveillance techniques and modern technologies to handle emergencies professionally and protect our client’s property and safety. Besides, an effective management system and proactive communication structure make us one of the best London security companies.

How do you price your services?

Several factors determine the price of our services such as specific-duty requirements, number of guards required, location, threat-level, and number of hours. Nevertheless, we try to offer you more reasonable and cost-effective packages than those offered by security companies UK.

How can I find your security company near me?

We provide security services across the UK. You can find our security guards at various locations or can visit our website for more information.

What should I do if I want to get services from your security company near me?

You can get our services simply by sending us an email or talking to our customer service agent through telephone.

What is the timing of your customer support services?

We have a 24/7 control room where our agents offer impeccable customer services round-the-clock.

What are your criteria to hire security guards?

Like all other security companies UK, we demand a valid SIA license, professional references, clean work history, basic qualifications, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, and hardworking nature from applicants.

Do you have any experience in the UK’s security industry?

Yes, we have more than 15 years of experience in the UK’s security sector that makes us one of the trusted security companies London.

How do your security guards handle physical aggression?

Being a responsible security company London, we do not allow our security guards to arrest, physically engage with an aggressor, or put their hands on another person except for self-defense. Instead, they only observe and report any suspicious activities at your premises and immediately call the law enforcement agencies for further criminal proceedings.

How can I monitor the performance of your security company near me?

Our security guards possess excellent communication and management skills. You can interact with them and demand their progress report daily.

What are the qualifications of your security staff?

We are a reliable security company London and possess highly qualified, well-trained, and fully vetted security officers backed with essential licenses and comprehensive experience.

Do your security guards undergo the training process?

Yes, all our security guards complete the SIA-approved training course before getting deployed at the client’s site. Some of the courses include standard orientation, site-specific training, on-site job-specific training, First Aid, and AED.

I have a security system installed at my home – can you provide me with qualified monitoring staff?

Yes, we provide you with fully trained and dedicated CCTV and Alarm monitoring specialists to ensure round-the-clock protection at your home.

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