Syndicate Alpha Ltd

A UK-Based Trusted & Reliable Security Company.

Syndicate Alpha Ltd is a UK based independent security company aiming to provide vigilant, reliable, and cost-effective security services.…

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We pride ourselves on delivering high standards and tailor-made security solutions through a team of well-trained and licensed security officers that gives us a competitive edge among all the other security companies. Being one of the leading security companies in London, Syndicate Alpha Ltd supplies security services to various sectors, from corporate and industrial protection to concierge and gatehouse duties.

We follow a strict recruitment process as per BS7858, ensuring all the security guards employed by us are of the highest standard, licensed & fully vetted and capable of handling any situation from manned guarding to mobile patrols. Our customers’ trust in our capabilities makes us a reliable security company in London with the successful track record in the UK security industry.

At Syndicate Alpha Ltd, whether you are running a one-off event, a large construction project, or anything in between, we can provide reliable, professional, and capable security personnel to deliver the tailor-made service according to your requirements. Our aim is to deliver the highest level of cost-effective security guard services with integrity according to the UK standards. Our hard-working and dedicated security professionals are always available and can be deployed even on short notice.


Cost Efficient


Proven Expertise



What Makes Us a Trusted Security Company?

Impeccable Customer Service

Our customer service is set to help you in a variety of situations. We ensure an impeccable and flawless customer service where our representatives respond to your queries. Our operatives are not only answering the calls and referring all the queries to the relevant people, instead, they take the whole responsibility and sort out your query including follow up with the officers, reporting to the client and scheduling the shifts.

Fully Trained Security Officers

Our SIA-licensed security officers are qualified, dedicated, efficient, reliable & appropriately dressed and capable of effectively handling security emergencies. Our professionals are fully insured to ensure your safety & negating all kinds of security threats.

Trusted and Reliable

At Syndicate Alpha Ltd, whether you are running a one-off event, a large construction project or anything in between, we can provide reliable, professional and capable security personnel to deliver the tailor-made service according to your requirements. Our aim is to deliver the highest level of services with a complete cost-effective security solution according to the UK standards. Our hard working and dedicated security professionals are always available and can be deployed even on a short notice.

What Makes Us Stand Out As One Of The Best Security Company?

Being a trusted UK based security company, Syndicate Alpha Ltd offers high-class security guards services in London catered to the wide security needs of both commercial and non-commercial clients. We strive hard and work tirelessly to ensure your safety, your reputation and protect your premises from all kinds of security challenges. We have a dedicated team of fully trained and licensed security officers who possess comprehensive knowledge of modern security equipment and advanced surveillance techniques. The ultimate goal of Syndicate Alpha Ltd is to become a reliable security company in London by providing a level of security service that exceeds our customers’ expectations and gives them peace of mind. Your trust in our services makes us one of the best security companies out there.

How We Use Technology To Enhance Our Services:

We use state of the art labour management
software where we take care of all
the day to day matters including;


Employee scheduling.


Time and attendance.


Absences and leaves.


Clock in and clock out by a mobile app or automated number.


Hourly check calls for shift officers/lone workers.

A Foremost Security Company In London

Being one of the trusted security companies, we offer a wide range of security services for all types of a security matters.

Manned Security

With the idea that manned security is a great visual deterrent for every business, we can provide a complete security guarding service that we offer on both permanent and temporary basis to protect your premises during high-risk periods or for a general day-to-day purpose.

Cleaning Services

Keep your facility neat and clean all the time and give your visitors a positive long-lasting impression by hiring professional cleaners from Syndicate Alpha.

Facilities Management Services

Support the functionality and sustainability of your workplace or building to ensure the safety and comfort of your employees and enhance your organizational productivity.

Corporate Security

Syndicate Alpha Ltd offer specialist Corporate security and Commercial security solutions which are perfectly suited for offices blocks, hotels, schools, colleges, hospitals, banks and retail shopping centers.

Residential Security

We provide professional manned guarding for residential security at your home 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and make sure your property is safe with us without any burglar invasion or any type of external threats.

Retail Security

A fully trained and proactive officer or a door supervisor is a highly affective theft deterrent, both internally and externally. Covering commercial properties and corporate environments, we have the premium security services to enhance the security of your staff and assets.

Porter Services

Travel comfortably and explore new places without worrying about your luggage. Our professional porters can take care of your luggage and essential items within designated premises.

Key Holding /Instant Alarm Services

No property is safe without effective security measures and an experienced team, with this efficient service you can rest assured that our SIA licensed guards will provide a reliable solution, rapidly responding to any alarm call to ensure the absolute safety of your premises and immediately alerting the police if there are any signs of criminal activity. Most of our security officers are first aid trained and qualified in health and safety procedures, meaning that you’ll have extra protection in emergency situations.

Construction Site Security

We take pride in offering our top-class security services for the construction sites. Our security guards will take charge of the place especially during the night hours and provide round the clock security to the place. This will provide you a peace of mind that your construction site is safe and there will be no possible risk of misfortune or stolen items.

Event Security

Syndicate Alpha Ltd is specialized in providing event security services that includes comprehensive safety planning, onsite security checks, the security of entrances and exits, control of guest lists, and physical safety & security.

Traffic Marshal Services

Deploy qualified traffic marshals at your facility to minimize traffic congestion and inconvenience and reduce the chances of accidents for visitors’ safety.

Concierge Security

Merging the roles of a security officer and the receptionist, our concierge security service is a cost-effective way of providing a first-class front of house experience for your customers. We understand the importance of a positive customer experience, therefore, our aim is to supply you with the right operative to enhance the customer’s experience and our service will ensure a good customer service to the residents or visitors in case of any emergency.

Lone Worker

For the safety of our lone workers, our control center calls them on hourly basis for their welfare, moreover, if the officer’s geographical location is different than the assigned site then our application will deny their clock in request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can you provide me with a security guard?

We will acknowledge all email requests within 5 mins and depending on the area where we operate, we have the capacity to deploy our security guards between 1-10 hours after acknowledging your request. Our operatives are capable of providing the assistance starting from answering your query to scheduling the shifts and deploying the guards to the designated site.


Are your security guards uniformed?

Yes, to build our image as one of the highly recognized security company in London, we provide uniformed security guards according to site duties and client preferences.

Do you perform any background checks before hiring security staff?

Yes, we conduct a thorough internal investigation before hiring security staff according to the BS7858 standard. The scrutiny process includes personal references and applicant’s background checks. Our vetting process makes us among the top security companies in London.

Can you help me identify the security vulnerabilities at my property?

Yes, we conduct free security risk assessments to thoroughly investigate your security situation, highlight vulnerabilities, and provide a detailed explanation of areas that need your attention for extended protection.

What makes our Security guards one of the best among the other security companies in the UK?

Backed by over 15 years of experience in the security industry, our fully trained and vetted security guards use the latest surveillance techniques and modern technologies to handle emergencies professionally and protect our client’s property and safety. Besides, an effective management system and proactive communication structure make us one of the best security companies in London.

How do you price your services?

Several factors determine the price of our services such as specific-duty requirements, number of guards required, location and number of hours. Nevertheless, we try to offer you more reasonable and cost-effective packages.

How can I find your security company near me?

To confirm our availability in your local area, please visit our website for more information.

What should I do if I want to get services from your security company near me?

We have got you covered – Get in touch with one of our security experts for a FREE and no-obligation consultation. You can  email us with your enquiry at – otherwise you are more than welcome to visit our website for more information.

What is the timing of your customer support services?

Our dedicated Operations Manager aims to offer impeccable customer services to cater all the concerns or queries, the response time is usually between 5-10 mins for the acknowledgement of your email.

What are your criteria to hire security guards?

Like all the other security companies in London, we demand a valid SIA license, professional references, clean work history, basic qualifications, exceptional interpersonal and communication skills, and hardworking nature from applicants.

Do you have any experience in the UK’s security industry?

Yes, we have more than 15 years of experience in the UK’s a security sector that gives us advantage among all the other security companies in UK.

How do your security guards handle physical aggression?

Being a responsible security guard company, we do not allow our security guards to arrest, physically engage with an aggressor, or put their hands on another person except for self-defense. Instead, they only observe and report any suspicious activities at the premises and immediately call the law enforcement agencies for further proceedings.

How can I monitor the performance of your security company near me?

Our security guards possess excellent communication and management skills. You can interact with them and demand their progress report daily.

What are the qualifications of your security staff?

We are a reliable security company and possess highly qualified, well-trained, and fully vetted security officers backed with essential licenses and comprehensive experience.

Do your security guards undergo the training process?

Yes, all our security guards complete the SIA-approved training course before getting deployed at the client’s site. Some of the courses include standard orientation, site-specific training, on-site job-specific training and First Aid.