Corporate Security.

Secure Your Business with SIA Licensed Corporate Security Professionals.

Syndicate Alpha Ltd is the leading provider of professional corporate security services across London with exceptional quality management skills. Our corporate security officers are ideal for all types of offices and businesses requiring a corporate dress code and conduct. Driven by over 15 years of experience and matchless expertise in the security industry, we deliver top-notch security solutions catered to the security needs of our valued customers. As a dedicated and customer-focused security company in London, we fully understand our clients’ temporary or long-term security requirements and provide them with SIA-licensed security officers at a reasonable price.

Why Choose Syndicate Alpha Ltd for Corporate Security?

Syndicate Alpha Ltd is a trusted security partner that ensures professionalism, flexibility, and reliability by providing companies with focused and comprehensive corporate security services.
Our Corporate Security Guards are trained for handling front office with basic computer skills, they are fully capable of guarding your premises round the clock including patrolling the location and recording the visitor details. They can control and monitor the vehicles and personnel in the area, they are also First-Aid qualified in the event of an emergency.
The following qualities make Syndicate Alpha Ltd a reliable corporate security company in the UK:

Impeccable Customer


Customized Security


Quality Assurance.

Experienced Staff.

Customer friendliness

and proficiency.

Licensed & Trained

Security Guards.

About Us

Deploying highly-trained and dedicated security guards is essential to secure businesses and handle security emergencies professionally. Although modern technology has improved the accuracy of security preferences, the presence of an authoritative figure like a security officer maintains a high-visibility presence to deter illegal and inappropriate actions. In this context, Syndicate Alpha Ltd provides SIA-licensed and experienced corporate security guards who serve as important deterrents to potential criminals and ensure complete protection of people and property.

Our Specialties

Syndicate Alpha Ltd specializes in the following areas of Corporate Security:

Security Risk Assessment

General surveillance

Entry and exit monitoring

Emergency management

Protection of Staff and Customers

Detaining and removing offenders

Apprehending shoplifting suspects

Patrolling parking lots

Benefits of Syndicate Alpha Ltd Corporate Security

Acquiring corporate security services from Syndicate Alpha Ltd offers the following benefits:


Minimize financial losses.


Prevent burglary and vandalism.


Deter thieves and criminals.


Protection against theft and fraud.


Reduce security risks.


Peace of mind.


Enhanced customer satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by corporate security?

Corporate security involves the identification and mitigation of potential security challenges at an early stage before they threaten a company’s resilience or result in unendurable losses.

What sort of training do you provide to your security guards?

We offer different training courses to our security guards according to the requirements of our valued clients. These courses cover security risk assessment, customer service, emergency management, and teamwork.

Are your security guards licensed?

Yes, all our security guards are highly-trained and hold a valid SIA license.

What are your charges?

The quotes depend on the clients’ corporate security requirements like the number of security guards, project-specific skills and expertise, estimated project duration, and site location. However, we try our best to offer high-quality security at unbeatable prices.

What does a corporate security officer do?

Corporate security officers are deployed at commercial sites like office buildings to protect employees and customers, control access to the premises, provide general surveillance, and meet the health & safety requirements.

How do you monitor the performance of your security guards?

We follow a robust supervision and management system empowered by a chain of command that ensures accountability at all levels. Besides regular monitoring, our supervisors also make unaccounted site visits to meet the international quality standards.

How do you handle customers’ queries?

Our operatives aim to respond rapidly and make sure to provide impeccable customer service without any interruption.

What is your selection criteria to hire security guards?

Our selection criteria is free from impartiality and rely on 100% merit. From initial assessment and interviews to the final selection, the applicants are scrutinized based on their relevant experience, skills & qualifications, licenses & certifications, and career record.