Manned Guarding.

Fully Trained and Experienced Professional Security Guards.

Syndicate Alpha Ltd offers vigilant manned guarding services driven by over 15 years of experience in the UK’s security sector. Our fully trained and Licensed Security Guards work dedicatedly to secure your premises and counter all kinds of modern security threats. We take pride in ensuring all our manned security officers strictly comply with the International Security Standards and maintain a high level of professionalism. We are experts in handling all kinds of security emergencies that demand a high-profile deterrent and a greater degree of adaptability.

Why Choose Syndicate Alpha Ltd

for Manned Security?

We are an experienced and trusted security company providing inclusive, cost-effective, and reliable manned guarding services for short or long term contracts catered to your security needs.

The following qualities make Syndicate Alpha Ltd one of the best companies for manned guarding in London.

Well-Trained & Qualified Security Guards.

Round-the-clock Security.

Impeccable Customer Service.

Fully Vetted Security Personnel.

Proven Visual Deterrent.

Guaranteed Security Services.

Comprehensive Security Endorsement.

Bespoke Security Solutions.

Proficient in Handling Security Emergencies.

About Us

Although modern technological advancements have completely transformed the conventional security approach by introducing digital security equipment, the tried and tested practice of manned guarding can never be replaced even by the best systems. We at Syndicate Alpha Ltd provide Fully Trained and Licensed Security Guards experienced in handling mega security projects and protecting your premises through integrity, vigilance, and professionalism.

Benefits of Manned Guarding Services

You can enjoy the following benefits by acquiring manned guarding security from Syndicate Alpha Ltd: 

Ward off Potential Threats.

Diffuse Emergencies.

Take Informed Action.

Deter Crimes.

Get an Immediate Response.

Maintain Order at the Workplace.

Secure Valuable Assets.

Build your Brand Image.

Get Peace of Mind.

Protect Human Lives.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do your manned security services cover?

We are one of the leading security guard companies providing highly trained SIA-licensed, and fully vetted security guards with comprehensive experience in handling the security of large projects.

How can I ensure that I am getting a professional security guard?

Before providing you with your required number of security guards, we share complete details about their skills & expertise, licensing, training, and experience. Besides, all our security officers are subject to thorough screening and vetting processes to ensure they are fully compliant.

Are your security guards licensed?

Yes, all our security guards are SIA-licensed and possess comprehensive knowledge of security technology and equipment, standard security protocols, and emergency response procedures.

Why should I hire manned security guards?

Although modern technology has improved the efficiency of surveillance techniques, the visible presence of security guards is equally important because they can deter criminal activities without getting hacked.

How much do your security guards cost?

Various factors determine the cost of security guards like desired skills and expertise, experience, number of guards required, estimated hours, and location.

Do you provide armed security guards?

No, our security guards are unarmed and do not carry any kinds of lethal or non-lethal weapons.

Are your security guards allowed to perform searches?

No, our security guards’ job is to observe, identify suspects, deter crimes, and report the incident. They do not perform searches and contact the police instead if a search is necessary.

What do security guards do?

Our professional security guards keep your staff and property secure and perform various duties like mobile patrols, access control, and round-the-clock monitoring. These highly trained officers are capable of handling security emergencies and actively responding to potential security breaches.

What kinds of training do you provide to your security guards?

We train our security guards to identify and respond to threats, operate high-tech security equipment, monitor suspicious activities, provide customer service, and assist during medical emergencies.

What specific skills do your security guards have?

Our security guards are excellent communicators, highly vigilant, capable of de-escalating situations, and can manage potentially dangerous situations by executing standard security procedures.

What authority do your security guards have?

Our security guards are responsible for maintaining law and order on the premises but are not authorized to perform an actual arrest. Instead, they cooperate with law enforcement and ensure the easy transition of suspects into police custody.

Can your security guards use force?

To secure individuals and premises, our security guards can use reasonable force to defend themselves, detain an individual, or safeguard the property.

Whom should I contact to hire security guards?

You can get in touch with one of our security experts for a FREE and no-obligation consultation. You can email us with your enquiry at otherwise you can visit our website for more information.