Retail Security.

Safeguard your retail business with guaranteed first-class retail security services.

Syndicate Alpha is a customer-focused, competent, and trusted retail security company that delivers rapid and effective response to potential security breaches. We understand that prevention is better than the loss of your valuable assets, time and money. In our dedicated Retail Security Services sector, every member holds an SIA license, strive to minimize any ongoing losses by limiting down on theft and shoplifting with the aim to provide excellent customer service, making every single effort to maintain a pleasant environment for both shoppers and employees.

Why Choose Syndicate Alpha for Retail Security?


Syndicate Alpha is a well-reputed retail security company known for the vigilance, professionalism, and approachability of its fully trained retail security guards.

These qualities make Syndicate Alpha one of the best retail security company in the UK:

Nationwide coverage.

Highly trained and licensed retail security guards.

Tailored to a wide range of sectors.

Supportive management.

Proficient in handling security emergencies.

Customer friendliness and proficiency.

24/7 customer service.

Vigilant services at an economical price.

Empowered by modern surveillance techniques.

About Us

From small boutiques to supermarkets, retail businesses face various security issues such as shoplifting, anti-social behavior, organized crime, and stock damage. Research shows the UK retailers lost over £600 million as a result of three million offenses in 2013-2014. Hence, maintaining a secure shopping atmosphere is necessary for effective retail risk management. Syndicate Alpha understands the importance of creating a comfortable shopping atmosphere in your retail outlet where customers can visit confidently. Hence, we try our best to balance the security and customer-friendliness to make your clients feel safe & secure and discern genuine shoppers from miscreants.

Our Specialties

Syndicate Alpha specializes in the following areas of retail security management:

A professional and warm welcome to any and all customers.

Security risk management.

Regular patrolling of the premises.

Inspection of the equipment and building.

Reporting any unusual behavior or issues to the management.

Regular surveillance monitoring.

Customer service.

Working with your team to ensure a positive customer-friendly and safe environment.

Benefits of Syndicate Alpha Retail Security Services

You can get the following benefits by hiring retail security guards from Syndicate Alpha:

Reduce losses due to shoplifting or stock damage.

Maximize the recovery of compensation.

Exceed your clients’ needs and expectations.

Deter anti-social behavior and vandalism.

Ensure a safe and comfortable shopping environment.

Build your image as a customer-friendly retail business.

Handle emergencies ensuring minimum disruption.

Minimize unexpected shrinkages due to theft or fraud.

Increase profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a retail security guard?

A retail security guard is a qualified and SIA licensed officer responsible for monitoring a retail store and deterring potential security threats including terrorism, vandalism, shoplifting, and theft.


What are the specialties of your retail security guards?

You can hire our retail security guards who are specialized in performing comprehensive checks at retail stores, greeting customers, handling clients’ queries, and providing retail store workers with out of hours access in case a key holder is not available.


What areas do your retail security services cover?

As a nationwide security company, we provide retail security services all across the UK.


I have already installed CCTV cameras in my retail store, do I still need security guards?

Although digital surveillance tools like CCTV cameras are highly effective, the deployment of retail security guards ensures visible deterrence and prevention from theft and shoplifting.


Can your retail security guards detain suspicious persons?

No, our retail security guards are not allowed to detain anyone. Instead, they are vigilant in their watch over the store and inform the police to apply a citizen’s arrest.


What skills do your retail security guards have?

Our retail security guards have excellent people skills, communication skills, stress tolerance, vigilance, and self-awareness that help them to handle security emergencies professionally.


Why should I hire a retail security guard?

Well-trained and dedicated retail security guards help you gain an economic edge by preventing theft and damage, restricting the entry of suspicious persons, and securing your retail store.


Are your retail security guards licensed?

Yes, all our retail security guards are qualified and hold valid licences from the Security Industry Authority (SIA).


What makes our Retail security one of the best among the other security companies in the UK?

Our fully trained and vetted retail security guards are physically fit and capable of delivering top-notch protection against all kinds of security threats. Besides, we provide honest, alert, and dedicated security staff that gives us a competitive edge on the other retail security companies.


How can I keep my retail security store secure from robbers and shoplifters?

In addition to deploying licensed security guards on your retail store, you should provide thorough security training to your staff and higher management to educate them about basic security protocols, keep all access points locked, schedule a sufficient number of employees, and install CCTV cameras monitored by qualified CCTV surveillance staff.