Mobile Security Patrols are when security officers move beyond just a fixed location to report any incidents. Security officers are deployed in a vehicle to go about daily rounds in order to detect any unusual behavior. This service is mainly beneficial when used around during the nights to ensure we have a set of eyes that can cover every corner of the site rather than just having a CCTV that may not be able to cover any blind spots.

Mobile Security Patrols are a great investment and can be a more cost-effective solution. When considering to hire guards, you will have to deploy multiple guards for just one location in order to maintain full coverage of the site however with mobile paroling, one or two of these deployed on a site can be efficient. These officers will be patrolling all corners of the site simultaneously helping to maintain full coverage of the site.

Furthermore, through consistent rotations, they can keep an eye on several areas and help ensure that the premises are secure. Patrol officers can cover ground quickly, get to an emergency in plenty of time to avoid any alarm violations, and potentially catch criminals in the act.

In addition to this, patrolling officers in parked cars can be recognised from a distance. This helps people visually recognise and understand that there is security present at the site. This is a warning to anyone who is considering to commit a crime. The hands-on approach of having someone who is dedicated to the safety and security of an area can be considered a disincentive for criminal activity.

Moreover, Patrol officers can carry out a wide range of security checks. Not only can they monitor and respond to alarms, but security officers also carry out exterior patrols of places which may not be visible by cameras. They can ensure that everything is locked up and secured by closely inspecting doors and windows. Mobile security patrols can be contracted to perform any number of patrols, or property checks, day or night.

While security guards can rapidly respond to unlawful activity at your premises, they aren’t enough to merely respond to security threats and other incidents as they come up. In the end, the goal should be to implement strategies that mitigate threats and prevent future incidents altogether. Consider deploying mobile patrol officers for your sites as they are faster and an effective deterrent. By implementing these strategies, your business is in a far better position to prepare for the future.

Regardless of the industry or type of business, security is an essential part of keeping your property safe. Some may assume that certain types of businesses may not be a target for criminal activity, but we at Syndicate Alpha believe each and every business requires protection. Knowing that you have protected your business with a prestigious security agency can put you entirely at ease thus get in touch with Syndicate Alpha today to arrange mobile patrol officers for your sites to ensure every inch of your business is protected and you are free from all worries.