Unguarded sites are prone to unlawful activities like vandalism, theft, burglaries, and other criminal activities of harm. The odds of these criminal activities can be greatly reduced by hiring security guards who are capable of keeping workers, visitors, and assets safe. Though it may seem to be a hefty investment, it brings about high returns in the form of safety, damage control, and theft prevention. 

Following factors enlist the dangers your unguarded site is exposed to in the absence of security staff. 

Site Theft 

Business, construction, and manufacturing sites have many different types of equipment, tools, supplies, and inventory which include specialized machinery, expensive raw material, and other heavy tools which cannot be practically transferred to locked storage or guarded warehouse at the end of working hours every day. Their presence on an unguarded site without any proper security measures makes this costly machinery, equipment, and material vulnerable to theft. Some of these sites based on the nature of basis also contain expensive material that can be sold for a high price. Apart from that, these sites may also have costly fixtures that can easily be stripped and sold for high returns, making them highly attractive for thieves. 

A visible presence of security officers at your work site deter thieves who are on the lookout for easier access. Others who attempt guarded sites will have to face strong resistance and will be halted in their tracks by trained security guards. 

Unauthorized Access 

Visitors and staff enter and exit business sites throughout the length of the workday; these include employees, suppliers, vendors, customers, service providers, and other individuals who have something to do with the business. 

Security staff maintains the track of people entering and exiting business premises. Not keeping track can become very challenging for business sites with multiple entrances and exits. It is the duty of security staff to confirm that unauthorized individuals do not happen to access the business site and stop situations from intensifying when someone is denied access to the premises. 

Site Safety 

Not having security staff on your business site can lead to many dangers including inevitable emergency situations requiring immediate medical assistance. It is dangerous for businesses to not have any trained individuals for attending to accidental injuries that staff and visitors might face due to mishandling of machinery and equipment and during instances of fire and short-circuiting. 

Most security guards are capable of performing their duties far and beyond the general security of the business site. They are particularly trained to ensure the all-encompassing safety of people and other assets on the premises. Most of them are trained in first aid and basic emergency procedures that can be helpful in giving life-saving assistance. This particularly comes in handy for people including staff and visitors who need emergency medical attention due to an accident or a health condition that may trigger at the workplace before first responders reach the scene. 

Security staff may also serve as valued witnesses in the event of a lawsuit in case someone gets injured on the business site. Security professionals who specialize in guarding manufacturing and construction sites are qualified in identifying potential safety hazards, helping those issues to be resolved before they become the cause of damage or physical injury. 

Vandalism and Conflicts 

Businesses are prone to vandalism especially those with products or services which invoke resistance from certain communities. Businesses that are located in a high-crime area are specifically vulnerable to damages that can slow down the progress of the business and cause financial loss. Regular patrolling of the premises by security guards deter potential vandals from causing damage to the business site. 

Apart from Vandalism, conflicts amongst workers can also be potentially dangerous for the progress of a business. An escalated conflict amongst employees may trigger violence that can cause damage to property, equipment, and employees themselves. Such conflicts also become the cause of an unprogressive work environment and wastage of time and resources. Security professionals are generally trained in handling workplace conflicts peacefully and maintaining business decorum. 

Unforeseen Accidents and Emergencies 

Businesses face inevitable dangers from natural occurrences and emergencies such as breaking out of the fire, floods, leakages, mob attacks, and potential dangers from using heaving equipment, tools, and machinery especially in a factory setting, manufacturing, and construction sites. Security professionals provided by reputable security companies like Syndicate Alpha are trained to take note of potential emergencies and stay prepared to handle inevitable accidents as part of their work routines. They are vigilant during their routine patrol to spot a leak or spark that may lead to fire and put it out before it spreads beyond control. They are always on alert to identify potential emergencies and know what kind of appropriate action will keep things under control. 

Apart from keeping their physical assets safe, businesses are also responsible for ensuring the security and safety of their employees and all other individuals who visit their site or premises. Hiring a security staff for guarding your business or work site can provide reliable protection for everything and everyone who is part of the business including material assets, human assets, and other stakeholders. If you are considering hiring trained and experienced security professionals to provide security for your business or construction site, contact our security experts of Syndicate Alpha at https://syndicatealpha.co.uk/. Our highly proficient team will go the extra mile in assessing your business site and developing a tailored security plan for maximum protection of your premises.