We all wanted this nightmare of COVID-19 to end and simply move past it, however it is almost the third year and we are still amidst of the pandemic. Although the world has responded in the most effective as well as flexible methods to survive and continue their day to day lives throughout the pandemic, many still believe the restrictions are still a hindrance and would be better off set aside due to several reasons. In regards to this, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has established the “Living with COVID” Plan where it has been decided that COVID restrictions in England are to come to an end gradually.

What does the “Living with COVID” Plan tell us about COVID restrictions?

The plan has been effective since the 21st of February, it has established that staff and students in most education and childcare settings without symptoms do not have to test twice weekly.

Besides this there are future changes that are to be effective from the 24th of February, these changes show us how most of the rules that were mandatory during the pandemic will now be relaxed. Following are to be included, people with COVID no longer will need to self-isolate however, guidance will be available for who test positive to stay at home and self-isolation support of £500 for low-income individuals will not be available anymore. People who have been in contact with someone who tested positive for COVID will not be advised to take daily tests or self-isolate and workers will not be required to tell their employer if they need to self-isolate.

Besides these rules from the “Living with Covid” Plan” there is more that will be in place from the 1st of April such as, COVID tests will not be free for most people, use of COVID passports will not be recommended excluding people who are looking to travel internationally and employers do not have to consider COVID as a risk anymore when working out safety policies or plans for their employees.

So far these are the changes that are to be implemented in England which come under the “Living with COVID” Plan, there has been much debate amongst parties, people on whether this is an appropriate step to take for the community.

Since there are beliefs about how there may be several other dangerous mutations of the virus coming in the future, many believe prevention is still necessary for safety however others believe the people have developed strong immunity to live throughout this virus thus there is no need to impose restrictions and the people shall exercise their freedom.

Everyone has their opinions about what’s coming next…you tell us down in the comments on what’s yours?

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