About this Article: In this article, we will learn about the most common physical security threats to businesses and strategies to mitigate them.

Importance of Physical Security
Vulnerabilities in the security system become the major cause of incidents such as thefts, burglaries, break-ins, and violence. Most of these incidents are backed by sophisticated criminal planning and investigation. These criminals collect all the information about the strengths and weaknesses of your company’s protective measures and make themselves familiar with your day-to-day operations before making an attempt. However, this does not eliminate the chances of opportunistic criminals having a shot at an unplanned burglary or break-in if they sniff a vulnerable security system. It is, therefore, the lack of proper physical security and the perceived gap between threat detection and response to a crime that amplifies the chances of physical security threats.

Physical Security-Explained
Physical security, at its core, is securing your premises, assets, and people safe from physical threats by displaying and practicing deterrence. Physical security also includes protection from fire and natural disasters like floods, earthquakes and, tornadoes, etc. Securing facilities and valuables from physical attacks have become increasingly challenging with the ever-increasing crime rate in the prevailing situation. Most of the time, the execution of the malicious activity is a result of long planning and hence can be addressed immediately provided there is a system to identify such vulnerabilities.

Physical Security Measures for Threat Mitigation
Physical security breach attempts can be dissuaded by a well-trained security staff by either applying physical force and/or using modern technology to prevent such occurrences. Following few security parameters need to be carefully evaluated to gauge security effectiveness and improve countermeasures to potential physical security risks.

1. Identify Potential Security Breaches
Identifying your vulnerabilities is critical to mitigate and fill your security gaps. A good security system is never devoid of devices and measures to facilitate threat assessment, detection and response. Implementing an access control system that includes an alarm system, a CCTV camera, and a security intercom at critical access points is tremendously helpful in preventing intrusion. Following are the few probable security breaches that may occur in the workplace.

i. Former Employees
Many a time, break-ins occur because former employees are able to gain access into the premises of the business facility because of their credentials and rights which are not retracted right after their separation from the organization. Without proper measures, it’s usually hard to detect such intrusions at the time when they take place.

ii. Rogue and Casual Current Employees
The casual and irresponsible attitude of certain employees, who do not display any security awareness, can be extremely disastrous for the company’s security. It is important to establish strict security procedures and ensure compliance by employees without granting any exceptions. At times, disgruntled employees become the major source of security breaches as they might intend to take revenge by causing harm to the business.

iii. Unattended Physical Assets and Areas
An unattended business area and company’s assets are extremely vulnerable to physical security breaches. This can be fixed by onsite installation of proper detection devices to identify intruders and minimizing the time between detection of crime and appropriate response to it. It is also important not to entertain any exceptions in allowing access to internal or external people to the restricted areas.


2. Beware of Tailgating
Tailgating into business premises can be explained as one person who is an unauthorized visitor entering into the secure area by following another person who has authorized access to the facility, with or without the knowledge of the latter. Most workplaces ensure securing their entrances by installing various types of access control systems such as door locks or swipe-card access permission. All these physical security measures may fall short if the attacker is well planned and determined to make an attempt. However, by investing in anti-tailgating doors, and stationing vigilant security staff, tailgating can become virtually impossible for trespassers. Providing your employees with a stringent physical security policy including awareness to prevent tailgating such as not holding doors and staying alert of followers can minimize this threat to a great extent. Employees should also be encouraged to report any occurrences of tailgating attempts to security personnel.

3. Implement Clear Desk Policy
Document theft can lead to the leakage of critical information that may open doors for physical attacks. Having sensitive documents placed in open spaces where visitors can easily see them can make your physical security vulnerable. To prevent the theft of sensitive documents, it is important to institute a clear desk policy to ensure that documents are put away once used and shredded properly after your employees no longer need them.

4. Keep Track of Visitors
Unaccounted visitors pose a grim threat to your business as you will be unable to know of their presence if an incidence occurs. Visitors can be accounted for by keeping a log of entry and providing them visitor passes. Installation of fences, gates and security checkpoints also act as major deterrence and source in keeping the track of visitors. These obstacles also increase the time it takes for an intruder to launch an attack.

5. Teach Your Employees to Protect Their IDs
Employees may tend to share or lend their Identity Cards to each other making it difficult to monitor access. Employees may fall victim to social engineering if they are not being taught the importance of protecting their IDs. Social engineering attacks are used by intruders wherein they manipulate your employees to gain information or access and in some cases exploiting empathy to gain access to unauthorized areas. One example of this could be walking towards the entrance while holding a pile of files so that unsuspecting employees may hold the door open out of courtesy or empathy. To combat these threats employees must be trained to stay alert and suspicious of social engineering attacks.


By taking proper security measures such as hiring manned security, you can save your business from sustaining big damage. The main strategies to address physical security risks include frequent change of passwords, regular checkups of vulnerable points, securing physical access points, accessing internal threats, restricting access to important assets and information. All such measures need to be carefully planned and implemented by professionals with prior experience in Security Industry. Choosing Syndicate Alpha from one of the leading security companies in London for such assistance will ease out your physical security concerns. Syndicate Alpha provides a professional approach by using thorough planning to ensure physical security. Our security services use a multi-layered approach to prevent all kinds of material and non-material losses. Syndicate Alpha is strongly committed to integrity and professionalism, always picking the best resources from the market. We maintain the highest industry standards for security officers’ training, honor, loyalty, and character.