The role of security officer has evolved dramatically due to many reasons, more crime rates, terrorism, cultural problems, thefts, drugs etc. The major role of manned guarding started in the industrial age when firms started to employ their own guards to deal with violence.

Soon enough the government started using their budget as well to invest in a professional security force that would help deter crime and protect the citizens. During the time of the two world wars there was great uncertainty and people started hiring private security for as they believed their safety was being compromised due to the constant spying and sabotaging troubles in the Cold war. This was the point where the security industry became privatized and started developing rapidly.

With rapid development the official foundation of a formal security organization was beginning to develop. Proper standards were being set, the Security Industry Authority was established for private security officials to ensure all security guards were being vetted and checked before given the official title and license of a security guard. From being called watchmen, a new term ‘manned guarding’ was soon used to describe security officers.

Moreover, as the time continued and new technological developments came into place, security officers became more efficient by using the help of professional security programs such locks, alarm systems and mobile patrols. This helped to boost safety and security as well as be an additional aid to the officers to carry out their job effectively. No matter how far the developments go, the need for a physical security guard is still a priority as it ensures true maximum protection rather than completely relying on a single device.

With changing needs and rising number of threats, the role of guards continued to change. Threats to homes and workplaces, drug use and smuggling, cultural differences, work place issues resulted in the need and responsibilities of security guards to keep changing according to what their employer’s desire.

As a result, many differentiated services of security officers tailored to what the client required were introduced, such as retail security to help secure shops, residential security to protect homes, concierge services to help maintain safety and satisfaction of guests at hotel or resorts and many more.
Overall, the European private sector of security has grown from a handful of small companies at the end of the Second World War into a multi-billion Euro industry with thousands of firms and millions of security staff.

Syndicate Alpha is proud to be part of such a vital sector that has evolved throughout the ages, serving to protect the community and ensuring constant security. We offer a wide range of security services that will be able to meet all your security requirements.

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