From physical assaults and armed robberies to illegal trespassing, your security officer plays a vital role in ensuring your company’s security needs are properly met. Selecting a security officer is not as simple as choosing someone for any other job role. Most job roles do not demand risking your own life and security for the purpose of safeguarding others (including humans and premises).  In short, the role of a security officer comes with a lot of responsibilities that are critical for the company’s safety and security. Considering myriad responsibilities that come under indeed the heavy the title of security officer, a security officer does not only need to have conventional corporate skills like ability to work in a team, leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills and many more that can make the list exhaustive, but other rare to find skills as well.

Let’s not say that a fitting security officer is a rare person but a person precisely picked to fit unique security requirements of a business. Given the fact that a mere presence of a uniformed security officer does half of the work of deterring criminal offences and giving the environment a safe aura, it is yet important to carefully choose a security officer. A cautiously chosen security officer is looked upon as a reliable protector outwardly. Other than the reliable outlook, a dependable security professional is also equipped with all the necessary skills to dispose of any impending or immediate threat. Every Business, regardless of size and scope, deserves the peace of mind of having impeccable and professional security service. Below are few of the all-encompassing job inherent qualities one needs to look for in a security officer.

• Level-headed a security officer needs to be reasonably tolerant and prudent enough to analyze the situation as a legitimate threat or a drunken brawl. Nevertheless, a smart security officer is expected to be well trained and well-mannered to have an appropriate response tailored for every unique situation. Being level-headed for security personnel characteristically entails knowing how much force to exert in what situation. It is also typical of sensible security personnel to avoid causing any physical injury if the situation can be handled by subduing the perpetrators without any physical harm.

• Integrity a security officer needs to be able to attain and sustain trust of leadership of the company as well as general employees and visitors. The uprightness of the character in the job as critical as security personnel is reflected through general demeanor, promptness in action, and aptness in handling situations. It is only the right attitude through which security officer inspires respect and authority.

• Proactive A proactive security officer is the one who tackles the undesirable situation before its occurrence by using sound judgment and safety management. A proactive security manager is trained to direct efforts towards preventing losses and damage by reporting irregularities and fulfilling preventive maintenance requirements. A proactive security officer develops security processes to reduce risk and limit liability for the organization as a preemptive measure.

• Vigilant A good security officer needs to be vigilant enough to ensure none of the tasks necessary to ensure safety are missed in a routine. Apart from agility in performing tasks, good security personnel demonstrate consistency in day to day tasks that help in remaining vigilant. Being vigilant includes patrolling properly, time to time monitoring of access points and surveillance equipment and keeping a check on vehicles entering or leaving the premises.

• Team player a security officer may have to regularly interact and deal with other staff, inter or intra department, in order to remain watchful of the entire perimeter. The ability to maintain amicable relations with other staff while asserting themselves when the situation demands is crucial to the performance of a security officer. This particular skill also helps the security personnel in mitigating threats in safest possible ways. Clear, courteous communication skills can also be the deciding factor in handling a tricky situation effectively. Good Communication also allows the security officer carefully and accurately document incidents of importance.

• Physical Fitness A physically strong appearance is the most desirable quality companies tend to look for in security personnel. However, it is important to make certain that the person you appoint as a custodian of safety for your people and properties is able to demonstrate that physical fitness when needed. A security officer who does not only appear strong but is strong enough to tackle physical confrontations efficiently can warrant both prevention and proper tackling of undesirable situations like scuffles or outruns.

• Knowledge and Training It is highly demanding of a security officer to be well informed of the functioning of security operations as well as legal consequences of their actions. Being educated and trained on the professional standards and benchmarks, to run security operations smoothly, act as booster for other skills. A good security officer is privy to the level of authority they can use in a given situation. It is very important for security professional to ensure compliance with the legal requirements and bylaws so as to keep the employer out of trouble.

A successful business is a byproduct of safe and worry-free environment for your employees and customers. To ensure what it takes to be a reliable business even during the times of uncertainties, you need your security team to have your back-not to mention the backs of your customers. It starts with making an informed decision on selection of a security team. Employing the services of a reputable, licensed security agency can help offset the potential for loss and ensure public safety. If you don’t want to leave an important matter like security to chance, let Syndicate Alpha help you appoint top-level security personnel and focused and personalized protection. Syndicate Alpha goes an extra mile to help its clients maintain excellent working conditions by keeping their facilities safe and problem-free through their well-trained security staff. Syndicate Alpha is strongly committed to integrity and professionalism, always picking the best resources from the market. We maintain highest industry standards for security officers’ training, honor, loyalty and character.