CCTV Monitoring & Alarm Response.

Secure your home and office with 24/7 CCTV & Alarm Monitoring Services.

Syndicate Alpha Ltd offers a complete range of vigilant and cost-effective CCTV & Alarm monitoring services catered to the security needs of diverse sectors. Our highly trained and experienced CCTV Monitoring specialists are qualified through the SIA and they receive further comprehensive in-house training. We can provide out of hours surveillance of your CCTV systems to assure you of round-the-clock protection. Our representatives are fully equipped to closely monitor onsite cctv camera guards and ensure they meet our clients’ needs.


How do CCTV & Alarm Monitoring Services Work?


Our CCTV monitoring specialist detects an intrusion that activates your security system.


A signal from the security system triggers the alarm and alerts our operatives.


If the alarm is triggered within your site’s normal working hours, our operatives will contact your staff to verify the authenticity of the alarm.


After initial verification, our CCTV monitoring specialists will identify the intruders through live CCTV footage and take appropriate action to avert potential losses.

CCTV in the UK

According to the British Security Industry Association (BSIA), there are more than 4-6 million CCTV surveillance cameras in the UK covering a wide range of public, residential, and commercial areas.

Of Britons are satisfied with the efficiency of CCTV cameras

Of Scotland Yard murder cases used CCTV footage as evidence in 2009

Of investigators in the UK use CCTV cameras for prosecution

Why choose Syndicate Alpha Ltd for CCTV & Alarm Monitoring Services?

Syndicate Alpha Ltd CCTV & alarm monitoring services guarantee 24/7 surveillance of your premises by maintaining constant communication with the clients and complying with the international security standards.

The following qualities make Syndicate Alpha Ltd one of the best CCTV & Alarm Monitoring companies in the UK:

Round-the-clock surveillance at economical rates.

Strict compliance with the industry standards.

Qualified and experienced CCTV Monitoring specialists.

Impeccable customer service.

Expert in managing the security of large projects.

Empowered by the latest security equipment and tools.

Constant support from our management.

Empowered by a fully-equipped control room and alarm monitoring system.

About Us

High-tech and innovative security solutions are vital to counter modern security challenges and meet the ever-changing security needs of customers. Technological advancements ensure round-the-clock surveillance of the clients’ premises and bring a multitude of financial and logistical benefits. We take pride in our dedicated and hardworking CCTV monitoring specialists who identify suspicious activities on your premises and take appropriate action in case of emergencies.

Benefits of Syndicate Alpha Ltd CCTV & Alarm Monitoring Services

Our CCTV & Alarm Monitoring services give you the following benefits:

Collect irrefutable evidence for court proceedings.

High-class services tailored to your security needs.

Vigilant and round-the-clock protection of your premises from intruders.

An immediate response to out of hours intrusions and threats.

Restrict the entry of unauthorized persons.

Peace of mind.

Avoid heavy financial losses due to criminal damage or theft.

Minimize potential business disruption.

24/7 protection.

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