Event security is the most important component event organizers need to consider while preparing for an event. It generally appears to be the top item of the event checklist. The Potential of threat is inherent in all kinds of events irrespective of their size and type. As the security needs vary for different events, so does your security arsenal. For example, security needs for a birthday party would be much different than the security needs for a large corporate event.

 Event Security Risk Evaluation

The first step to event security is risk evaluation. A few of the major constituents for event security include knowing your target audience and the context of the event to know the potential of any targeted security threat. Some events, like presidential speeches, may attract agitators and protests that may turn into unpleasant occurrences. Apart from these, vulnerabilities due to the location of the event, the presence of media and/or celebrities, and non-human security threats like wild animals inherent in events taking place at remote locations are also crucial to consider. Having a security team ready to keep you covered in instances of injury to guests, unauthorized access to the property, agitation in the crowd or troublesome guests, and unexpected situations.

Examine Your Venue

You need to examine all entry and exit points of your venue and ensure that the entire staff is aware of them. A porous venue can encourage the entrance of potential intruders with malicious intent. In the case of an outdoor event, marking the event perimeter and erecting barriers to establish boundaries will minimize the risk of security threats.

Measuring the Risk to Attendees

For an event of sensitive nature, for example, those involving companies with controversial history or those of political nature, a background check of every invitee should be done. It is important to be cautious in investigating a guest who purchases tickets in a bulk.

Make Your Security prominent

Putting your security undercover encourages intrusion by invaders and increases the risk of trouble making elements. For example, metal detectors if exposed clearly would deter people from entering the event with their weapons. Similarly, security checkpoints ensure that intruders must confront security personnel before they can cause any kind of agitation.

Pre-Event registration

It is important to take registrations before the commencement of the event. The registration process enables the collection of multiple data about participants like name, date of birth, address, and phone numbers. In case of larger events with greater security threats, the collection of ID prevents a possibility of unidentified and suspicious entrants into the premises where an event is taking place.

Screening of Staff

Not all security risks are posed by outsiders. Hence, it’s important to run background checks on your staff involved in organizing the event. Besides staff, Vendors and suppliers should also be vetted if they have access to the event premises.

Assessing large Scale Threats

A Large Scale Attacks can be the result of weapons and ammunition brought into the premises secretly. Having a professional team trained to look for weapons or items that can be improvised as weapons can minimize this risk. Contraband items including certain chemicals should also not be allowed in event premises. Apart from physical checks, your security personnel should also be on the lookout for suspicious behavior that may result in disruption.

Controlling Crowd

Your security staff needs to be proficient in controlling large gatherings and assessing the need to exert authority when needed. It is also necessary to gauge the capacity of the venue and ensure that guests don’t exceed beyond the capacity limit. Going beyond your venue capacity can result in uncontrolled mob and agitation.

Keeping Communication Clear and Frequent

Giving your security staff communication devices will ensure constant back and forth communication required for vigilance. It is important to direct your security team to immediately report and inform of any suspicious activity, to avoid confrontation with any non-security staff. 

Try Keeping your Events Private

It is important not to announce your event if the public announcement is not necessary and the event is not open to the public. Some events may have politically charged opponents and their announcement on social media and websites etc. increases the chances of disruption. However, an Event not known to agitators is least exposed to the risk of intrusion.

Ensure Cyber Security Measures

Some events require effort to safeguard the identities of guests and data flowing through their devices, If your venue a Wi-Fi network, make sure to deploy an IT security professional to run IT security testing for securing the network. Doing so will prevent guests from sneaking into organizers’ data as well as outsiders trying to steal the guests’ data.

Designing a Contingency Plan

It is important to consider unforeseeable events beforehand. The emergency response plan must contain a doable procedure in a step wise manner that everyone can follow in the event of a disaster. The plan must entail the methods to evacuate, a list of emergency exits, and a meeting place of the staff in case of emergency.

Listening to the Security Expert

With higher security needs, you need to have a pre-allocated security budget to hire the services of a security expert. Once you have a professional event security staff, their professional vigilance can be of great help during a high-risk event with a large crowd. Once you bring in the security team, it is important to seek their advice and act on their suggestions. Being experienced in identifying agitators and potential trouble-making instances, they can help in utilizing your security resources in the best possible way. Investing resources into countering troubles will help a great deal and hosting a safe event for your guests. However the process is quite complex and requires extensive coordination and communication.

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