The Success of any event depends on careful planning and management of the event. This requires event managers to ensure measures and availability of resources to safeguard the event and people involved in it. Regardless of the affair, prudent planning of the event revolves around anticipating unforeseeable crises that may disrupt the smooth flow of things during the event. In the past few years, volatility in the global political situation has become a primary reason for a general feeling of insecurity amongst the masses. This feeling of insecurity has burdened security professionals to become extra cautious so as to impede the possibility of threats that may disrupt or ruin the event.
Another important factor responsible for putting stress on the vigilance of security professionals is live streaming and/or commercial broadcasting of events. Due to global media coverage of many types of events like sports events, musical concerts, and likes, Security professionals also have to deal with the possibility of real-time broadcasting of any mishap that might occur during the course of an event. The dual responsibility of ensuring safety for onlookers plus avoiding situations that may create mayhem for the larger distant audience makes the job of security professionals even more substantial.

Why Security Check Points are Important?

Security checkpoints at the events have always been a perplexity for security management professionals. Irrespective of the size of the event, the importance of security checkpoints can’t be neglected to mitigate potential threats of many sorts ranging from threats planned by intruders to gate crashers and natural calamities. Controlled and security checkpoints are key to ensuring the smooth and safe execution of an event.
Having safe checkpoints eliminate the chances of being caught off guard and ensures that threats are detected beforehand, without making a noise. It is important to discreetly select a venue for your event to ensure sufficient installment of security checkpoints. A careful selection of event venue includes choosing a venue of repute that is close the places from where extra help can be sought. The Venue should be well-lighted and equipped with security cameras with well-defined fire exits and escape routes. All these entry and exit access points should be well-guarded and under absolute control to ensure total threat mitigation. To do so, security officials must consider various factors including the ones explained below.

1. Using Technology in Securing Checkpoints
To ensure that the best of security procedures are in place, security teams tend to rely on security aid from technology and equipment to ensure that all security checkpoints are closely monitored. Up-to-Date security operations may include security cameras equipped with facial recognition technology, access control, handheld and walkthrough metal detectors helps with monitoring location and dealing with threats on a timely basis. Through the help of event apps, one can manage and obtain information about attendees like participating lists and personal data.

2. Screening of Participants
Some scuffles turning into a major accident could be the result of attendees either carrying weapons or items that can be potentially dangerous and can be used as weapons. Installation of scanning machines and metal detectors helps prevent the entry of any such object into event premises. It is very important to install and carry out screening activity away from the gathering in an area attendees must pass through to enter the main premises. This way, potential agitators can be confronted before they attempt to cause any damage or create havoc


3. Vehicle Screening
It is important to ensure the vehicle screening is performed at a reasonable distance from the main premises or in the parking area. Apart from having proper equipment installed, it is crucial to keep physically patrolling the parking area and perform regular security inspections. Installation of surveillance cameras and remotely operated speakers to deal with unauthorized entrants or vehicles can also help in closing monitoring by assisting the security staff designated to the parking area and vehicle screening.

4. Exit Security
Event Exit points including emergency exits need to be as secured as much as the entry points of security parameter. Closely monitoring the exit locations gives a fair idea of who is still in and who has already left the place. Monitoring exit points of the premises prevent losses from theft and illegal trespassing that might go unnoticed. Intruders can opt to choose exit points to make an entry when they know that all the security attention is directed towards the entry points. Hence it is important to cover the entire security parameter including exit points which are also of great importance in case of emergency.

5. Showing off your security measures
The main goal of security is not to respond to unfavorable situations but to prevent such situations and threats in the first place. It is, therefore, highly desirable to make your security measure visible enough to intimidate potential intruders from planning or attempting any dangerous activity. Making your security team as well as equipment visible enough to notice will not only avert potential trouble but will also make your attendees feel safer.

As the need for event security continues to grow, security professionals are also trying to match by using modern technology and artificial intelligence to support security measures. It is important to consider that terrorism is not the only player when it comes to event security. Natural disasters and unpredictable infrastructure failure pose an equally significant threat in event execution and management. Well-planned and designated security checkpoints can go a long way in preventing hazards. Security checkpoints must be set up, manned, and monitored throughout the event however funneling attendees to established security checkpoints is another challenge to tackle for security professionals, especially when the gathering is large. Integrating physical security with technology strengthens security measures to a larger extent apart from making the task of security much easier and safer.

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