As the COVID-19 virus can spread from person to person and the self-isolation period is 14 days which must be completed even if the tests are negative, Hotel quarantine has become a necessity for people traveling. With quarantine hotels filling up with overseas travelers, security guards are needed more than ever to ensure Standard Operating procedures set up for the prevention of the COVID-19 virus are religiously followed.
A security guard is needed at the quarantine hotel to cater to security needs like monitoring entry and exit points of the hotel, and providing escort services from planes and ports to the hotel if required. Quarantine hotels need a thorough risk assessment and security guards play a crucial role in ensuring that guests do not become the cause of spreading the virus. As many cities banned outdoor exercises by quarantined guests, or either allowed exercise in designated areas only, security officers need to keep close checks to ensure limited movement of the guests.
As security guards are popular for providing security for people, the community, and their properties, the demand for security guards is growing. Being a security guard is a very attractive, responsible, and respected job. The presence of a uniformed security guard reduces the risk of trouble in quarantine hotels. Security guards at quarantine hotels perform a number of duties including protecting quarantine guests, employees, and the property. They typically patrol grounds, monitor security cameras, and report directly to hotel management. Based on the crime rate of the area quarantine hotel is located in, hotel security officers need to keep their discerning eyes looking to stop any potential situation that may require a response. Importance of stationing security staff at quarantine hotels is evident through the following important roles filled by the security staff.

Protecting Hotel Staff

The importance of staff security cannot be ruled out in quarantine hotels. The hotel staff could need protection from unruly and unhappy quarantine guests. Hotel staff needs the support of security guards in enforcing the hotel’s rules. A well-trained security guard allows hotel staff to feel at ease as they perform their duties in a unique situation caused by the COVID-19 virus.

Responding to Emergencies

Security guards are proficient to respond to a range of emergencies that may happen on a hotel’s ground. For instance, they can help the process of evacuation safely and quickly in the case of a fire. Security guards also help in dealing with extreme situations such as shooting, by minimizing the damage and attending to the situation while waiting for the Police.

Monitoring Surveillance Equipment

Hotels regularly use surveillance equipment to monitor floors, dissuade crimes, and provide preemptive security. Most security officers are trained and apt in handling surveillance cameras and other equipment which help in quickly responding to negative events as they occur.

Providing Training and Guidance

Security Officers can also play role in training hotel staff on ways to deal with rowdy guests and difficult to control situations. Their experience and training allow them to provide valuable guidance in handling emergencies and preparing for evacuations.

EndNote- Protection of Security Staff

Being out in public also puts security professionals at risk of infection. Putting their masks and gloves on is not enough if direct contact is not avoided. They need to keep their distance unless absolutely necessary and report to the police when the situation escalates. The unique COVID-19 situation calls for adequate protection of security guards working in quarantine hotels. It is important to ensure that workers on the front line in quarantine hotels are safe and adequately protected from getting infected with the coronavirus. Security employers need to develop a strategy to protect workers who are disproportionately impacted. There’s an urgent need for thorough risk assessment, and a much clearer understanding for the roles security professionals are expected to play in this unique situation. It is essential to consider that if social distancing between the security guard and the traveler is not adequate, it could inadvertently end up spreading a new strain of the virus. As science on the airborne spread of corona virus is being made clear, proper airborne protection for security guards must be implemented. Security guards need to wear masks all the time and PPE to address concerns about the airborne spread in stuffy indoor situations. Moreover, security guards who have not been vaccinated should be prevented from entering quarantine facilities.

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